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Rat & mice pest control services are among the most effective ways to remove rodents from residential & commercial properties. Getting rid of rodents is a very involved process that most people just don’t have time to deal with. Many have tried numerous solutions too, but to no avail.


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The benefits of rodent control services are very well documented. Satisfied customers typically report fewer instances of rats & mice as well. This helps with less damage to electrical wiring, cords & paper products, as well as other items in the home.


Other things that make these services beneficial include the long term cost benefits. Purchasing traps & other deterrents can become very expensive. Often times if one does not work, you will be going out to purchase more. This can add up over time. By hiring Emerald Pest Services from the get go, you can save yourself a lot of time & wasted money.


Emerald Pest Services provide customized solutions to fit every situation. Our affordable solutions will help to keep your home free from rats & mice.


Rat & Mice Extermination Services

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