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Ants are the most common pests in the area for homeowners. The most common is the odorous house ant. These ants are found trailing in and around the home by the thousands, and once they fins a food source, the full force of their colony come out to oldest food to sustain growth of their colony. Call Emerald Pest Services for fast & permanent removal of these ants Today.


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The treatment for ant removal is also one of the more comprehensive treatments we perform because the colony sizes can be so large. Once the colony is be located, treating it directly will stop the invaders the fastest.

Ant Removal Treatments

1. Injecting the exterior wall voids

2. Spraying the foundation

3. Treating the crawlspace

4. Treating the attic

5. Spraying the baseboards in the interior of your Portland home or office

6. Baiting will be used depending on small ant species


Each home is different, so the ant removal service may vary a little. Small ants will keep traveling through the products and track small particles of the product back to the colony, thereby infecting the whole nest. The goal when using these products is to exterminate the whole ant colony, not just prevent their access into your home.


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Emerald Pest Services ant removal includes: